Heck Yes: XOXO 2015

October 1, 2015


XOXO is a Portland festival & conference that has been held four times already. The event organizers (two Andys) curate a selection of talks, films, storytelling events, music, and game demos that represent the best content the web has to offer made by people who's efforts make the world a better place. It is also a well-designed experience that ensures everyone is happy, intellectually alive, and excited to meet strangers. It is a microcosm of an ideal culture; a culture that it is positive and self-aware, and always working to improve.

Heck Yes

I go to XOXO because I can see real life examples of the kind of success I seek. I love that the people I see there are thoughtful and strong. Their projects offer more diverse content and help our culture become healthier.

My favorite parts are the talks and the video game arcade. I love the art and interaction in games. I design user interfaces so games represent the opportunity to design for enjoyment instead of task completion.

The talks blew me away because I identified with the many smart, articulate, and funny women who took the stage and shared their ideas of what it takes to make our lives better.