Smash Banana
Part 2

July 17, 2017

The game is going great. The obstacles are bananas that are flung off screen and the car is looking like my car. There are points! The game starts and stops!

The car is now a proper maroon Volvo 240 station wagon and the obstacles are bananas!

You can play it here.

The bananas were a bit of a challenge. What is a fun thing to run a car over? I felt bad about running over cute things, cows, people, aliens. Other cars would require some advanced damage animation. Stretch goal. The bananas are actually a throwback to an old DOS game I used to play with my dad - you would give an angle and a speed for a king kong sized gorilla standing on a city scape to throw an exploding banana at another gorilla.

As I've been building, I've realized that there are probably many different ways to structure a game. Which functions are looping to provide continuous action? How do I bring in the input from the players and collisions? I've started restructuring my game but it's about time I look at other games to see what advantages or disadvantages they have in their code structure.